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Main Entry: LD50
Variant(s): or LD50 \ˈel-ˈdē-ˈfif-tē\
Function: noun

1: the amount of a toxic substance or radiation required to kill half the members of a tested population, frequently used as a general indicator of a substance’s acute toxicity.

2: new Bay Area thrash metal band with deep grooves, colorful rhythms, and wild solos that will make your head explode, your ears bleed, and leave you screaming for more.




For those hailing from San Francisco Bay Area, from “fans, artists or just anyone who know the scene,” many have been on the most ambitious journey of a lifetime. It began in the early 80’s with Death Angel, Testament, Exodus, Laaz Rockit, Forbidden and other well-respected thrash outfits. They have forged the pavement for a scene that has lasted the persistence of time. From the famed I-Beam to The Warfield Theater, many thrash legends have passed through, building what was to become the most influential genre in metal history.

So what happens when you put together the guitarist from Forbidden and Testament, a veteran drummer and bassist, and then top that off with former Geezer Butler vocalist? You have an explosion like a freight train coming through your living room to warm you up to one of the most seasoned, talented, and kick-ass new bands of 2011.

LD/50 who hail from San Francisco have cut their teeth on this very form of tradition. Forging this tradition from former bands Testament and Geezer Butler, they were born and raised on a Lethal Dose of what developed and transcended on almost everyone who has a global knowledge of metal. LD/50 is the abbreviation for “Lethal Dose at 50%.” It’s a culture of extreme that has steadily built their fan base to the point of iconic recognition. The band has a unique style of perfecting the groove, mixed with brutal thrash, and explosive guitar work. LD/50 is a band that is not afraid to go into a ballad with growling, screaming vocals, then run into a melodic guitar solo, and end with a tricky, syncopated rhythm.

On the road frontman Clark Brown has recorded with “Black Sabbath’s Geezer Butler on “GZR’s Black Science and Ohmwork.” He is the voice and presence that represent this dangerous band.

Guitarist Glen Alvelais is one of the original guitarists of the thrash band Forbidden.  He recorded on the debut album “Forbidden Evil” and “Raw Evil, Live at Dynamo”.  In 1992, Glen was recruited as the lead guitarist of Testament to replace Alex Skolnick.  He recorded on “Return To The Apocalyptic City” and “Demonic”.  Glen’s latest work can be heard on the Tenet debut cd titled “Sovereign” and the new Defiance cd “The Prophecy.”

Throughout drummer Tony Providence’s 20 year career he has shared the stage with numerous national acts such as The Smashing Pumpkins, Tommy Lee, Beck, Slash, Armoured Saint, and Lynch mob… just to name a handful!  Some of his influences are Tommy Aldridge, Alex Van Halen, and Terry Bozzio.

Bassist Terry Goss is well-known in the Bay Area for his phenomenal bass work in the band Scorched-Earth Policy. He attended Hamilton Academy of Music and some schoolmates included noted producer/bassist Michael Elizondo (Dr. Dre, 50Cent), pianist Vernell Brown, trumpeter Asdru Sierra (Ozomatli, session artist) and drummer Abe Laboriel, Jr (Paul McCartney).  Terry has also shared the stage with many bands such as as Deftones, Prong, Strapping Young Lad, Superjoint Ritual, M.O.D., and Papa Roach.